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It is frightening how a person or company can be
destroyed simply by posting something harmful about
them in cyberspace, even if it is untrue. The
message, if it plays properly to the sympathies or
vagaries of its recipients, can become an evergreen,
constantly there to unfairly damage its target.
--Howard Kleinberg, Editor of the Miami News

Blessed are ye when they shall revile you and
persecute you and speak all that is evil against
you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice,
for your reward is very great in heaven; for so
they persecuted the prophets that were before you.
--Gospel of St. Matthew, 5:11-12/DRV

Sometimes we are asked about a campaign on the internet and elsewhere
by a small clique of anti-traditionalists (both Novus Ordo and on the fringes
of the movement itself) who wish insidiously to undermine the Traditional
Catholic Movement by attacking traditional priests and traditional laymen.

TRADITIO long ago predicted that as the Traditional Catholic Movement
gets stronger, it is only to be expected that there will be more and more
anti-traditionalists. Because they cannot rationally deal with the arguments
of legitimate traditional Roman Catholicism, these "smear merchants," as they
have been called, try to attack the persons who promote those arguments,
particularly traditional priests, but also traditional laymen. Such people
take a leaf out of the book of the political strategist Niccolo Machievelli
(1469-1527), who wrote: "If you can't attack the argument, attack the man."
Or, as Francis Cardinal Spellman (1889-1967) replied to his accusers: "What
can you expect from pigs but grunts?"

A Wisconsin paper printed a bizarre story about the murdered Fr.
Alfred Kunz, calling into question his priestly status. This is just one
example of an accusation hurled at a dedicated priest, who was admired by his
people for his orthodoxy and spirituality. One thinks also of the attacks
against the priestly status of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, of Ontario, who has worn
himself out trying to promote veneration of Our Blessed Lady around the

And against Fr. Paul Wickens of New Jersey, who has a long-
established and flourishing traditional chapel. A new Mass came into town
and didn't like the competition the traditional chapel presented, so certain
individuals decided to call into question his priestly status. Similar
attacks have been made against every other traditional priest of any repute.

Not just traditional priests independent of the diocesan structure
suffer these attacks, but even the "indult" societies, who retain their
connection to the diocesan apparatus to maintain a tenuous Novus Ordo
"approval," are getting knocked in the head. Fr. Paul Carr, the new (2000)
District Superior of North America for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter,
recently wrote: "the amount of unreliable information out there is immense,
too much for us to try and [sic] correct, and often impossible to do so when
we try." Fr. Arnaud Devillers, the new (2000) Superior General of the
Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, refused to answer a "when did you
stop beating your wife" questionnaire sent to him about his orders.

Fr. Peter Scott, lately U.S. Director of the Society of St. Pius X,
was charged with having invalid orders conferred by a bishop with Masonic
sympathies. And on and on the calumnies of the anti-traditionalists go, who
have spread their malicious calumnies against:

Pope John Paul II (Novus Ordo)
Abp. Marcel Lefebvre (SSPX)
Abp. Ngo-Dinh Thuc (Independent)
Bp. Terrance Fulham (Independent)
Bp. Clarence Kelly (SSPV)
Bp. Robert McKenna (Independent)
Bp. Mark Pivarunis (CMRI)
Bp. Donald Sanborn (Independent)
Bp. Thom Sebastian (SSCR)
Bp. Richard Williamson (SSPX)
Fr. Anthony Cekada (Independent)
Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt (Independent)
Fr. Arnaud Devillers (FSSP)
Fr. Nicholas Gruner (Independent)
Fr. Alfred Kunz+ (Diocese)
Fr. Peter Scott (SSPX)
Fr. Paul Wickens (Independent)

and this is only a small list of the targets. What you will notice is that
these attacks are against every segment of the Traditional Movement:
Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, Society of St. Pius V, Society of St.
Pius X, Fraternity of St. Peter, independents, and others.

Typical tactics involve calling a traditional priest "Thuc" or "Old
Catholic" or "Sede-vacantist" or "renegade" or "rebel" or "schismatic." As
the attackers become more and more frustrated at the lack of effect their
charges have in the ears of people who know these priests and their
traditional solidity, they will say wilder and wilder things. What was once
only "disobedient" will become "illicit"; what was once "illicit" will become

And what is the caliber of these anti-traditionalists? They presume
to set themselves up as a kangaroo court to judge priests' orders, yet
deviate from the Church's teaching on sacramental theology. One such attack
against a traditional priest was so full of basic theological errors that the
author unwittingly made himself a laughing-stock to anyone who had any
semblance of knowledge about Roman Catholic sacramental theology.

Such people are obviously unaware of the principle of Catholic
Sacramental Theology, "Actus, praesertim adeo solemnis qualis est ordinatio,
habendus est ut validus, donec invaliditas non evincatur," prescribing that
the presumption in the case of the Sacraments, most especially in the case of
Holy Orders, is always in favor of validity, not invalidity.

If a priest or layman does nothing, everyone leaves him alone.
However, if he fights like a St. Paul for the traditional Catholic Faith, he
becomes a prime target. Remember, Scripture tells us that there were early
Christians who presumed to challenge even St. Paul's orders and to lead
astray the laymen who were trying to stay with the Apostolic Tradition!
Nihil sub sole novum.

It is bad enough when such things come from the Novus Ordo apparatus,
but it is particularly sad when they come from the supposedly traditional
side, particularly from those who are themselves under attack from others
(perhaps they are trying to divert attention from their own situations?). As
the Cardinal Archbishop of Genoa said: "If you would have to spend your time
responding to all accusations, there would not be any time left to work for
Christ and His Church, but only to respond to calumnies." Moreover, the
internet has become a virtual cesspool for erroneous personal information
circulated about people.

TRADITIO, therefore, devotes itself to working for the traditional
Roman Catholic Faith rather than wasting valuable time to dignify the endless
questions of those whose purposes will not be satisfied with ANY answer. As
Our Lord said when replying with silence to His malicious accusers: "If I
shall tell you, you will not believe me" (Luke 22:67/DRV.

From our beginning in 1994, TRADITIO taken the high road and
continues here to set the example for the Traditional Catholic Movement by
staunchly refusing to play into these anti-traditional tactics, as they are
often used as a ploy by individuals who are hostile to traditional Roman
Catholicism and are desperate to turn the discussion away from the evil of
the New Order to petty personalities.

In the end, if you have a priest who professes the traditional
Roman Catholic Faith, celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass, and
administers the traditional Sacraments, support him, help him, pray for
him. You have a very special gift for which hundreds of thousands of
traditional Catholics around the world are praying ceaselessly.

"For so is the will of God, that by doing well you may put to silence
the ignorance of foolish men." (1 Peter 2:15/DR).

SEPTEMBER 29, 1998

For those of you who may not realize it, TRADITIO was the very
first Traditional Roman Catholic site to have been founded on the internet
and remains the longest continuous such site on the internet. On the
feastday of St. Michael the Archangel, our patron saint, we will now, by
the grace of God, have been educating the public since 1994 about the
true Faith.

From the beginning, it has been the unswerving policy of this site
to teach the traditional Roman Catholic Faith. In fact, we are not aware
of any site on the Internet that is more Roman Catholic than this one.
Anyone who has been with us even for a few days, let alone since 1994, knows
this as an obvious fact.

TRADITIO has never set itself up as a personal authority. It
subordinates itself to the teachings of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition,
the popes and councils of the Church, and the wisdom of the Catholic Saints.
It holds in especial esteem the Four Great Western Doctors of the Church --
St. Augustine, St. Jerome, St. Ambrose, and St. Gregory the Great -- together
with the Apostle of the Gentiles, St. Paul, and the Angelic Doctor, St.
Thomas Aquinas. It has been careful to cite not its own teachings, but the
teachings of the Church. When opinion has been expressed, it has been
clearly noted as opinion, in the manner of St. Paul.

Needless to say, our sometimes biting Juvenalian satire against
the foibles of the Novus Ordo have not enamored us to certain liberal and
conservative Novus Ordinarians, who wish to rebut by attacking us rather than
our arguments, a sign of the irrationality and the unChristian nature of their

We have seen everything, we think, from our unique perspective since
1994 on the Internet. Recently we have seen the advent of some pseudo-
"traditionalist" sites (who may in fact have other sympathies and are simply
posing as traditional), whose purpose seems to be to calumniate every
traditional Catholic priest and layman they can. Many times we have marveled
at the abysmal ignorance of these people who would dare to base their words
upon such an ignorance of Catholic theology that it has been the source of
great guffaws at traditional priests' meetings across the country.

TRADITIO does not engage in such pointless arguments; rather, we
teach the traditional Roman Catholic Faith to the best of our knowledge and
ability. TRADITIO's hundreds of thousands of dedicated participants since
1994 have learned about the traditional Roman Catholic Church, its Mass and
Sacraments, its music, its saints, and its history. TRADITIO stands on the
ample proof of its long-standing record of traditional Roman Catholicism and
has never espoused Novus Ordoism, Old Catholicism, or Eastern Orthodoxy.

That is our goal, the same goal as we had when we started this
apostolate, not knowing how vast it would become in such a short period of
time. Only a small number of messages received are posted publicly. Far
more messages, seeking personal advice or asking questions that are not
judged of general interest, are answered privately.

What have we learned since 1994? That the traditional Roman Catholic
Faith is stronger than we could ever have imagined. That the sacrifices the
traditional laymen are undergoing to hold fast to their Faith make the little
sacrifices of us traditional priests pale by comparison. That there is a
core of virtuous Catholic youth committed to the True Faith, who will be the
salvation of the Church long after we pre-Vatican II Catholics and the post-
conciliar weak popes have passed on.

What we see, in reality, is a rebirth of true Catholicism, similar
in many ways to the birth of the early Church. And that rebirth involves
labor pains. Who in the first century would ever have thought that a small
band of persecuted Christians would take over the world with their
message? Even the disciples in the boat were upbraided by our Lord: "O ye
of little faith."

The true Church is still here, even if you have to do some
research to find it. The true Mass is still here, even though you may
have to drive farther to assist at it. The true Sacraments are still here,
even though you may have to make an appointment for Confession. The true
religion is still here, even though you have to go to out-of-the-way
sources for it. No Bugnini, no pope, no bishop, no Novus Ordinarian, and
no pseudo-"traditionalist" can ever wipe the True Church away.

Of that we have our Lord's promise, the promise of the
indefectibility of the Church to the end of time, and if we don't trust His
word, we may as well pack up and become, in the words of William Wordsworth,
"pagans suckled in a creed outworn."

By Michael J. Matt, Editor of THE REMNANT
September 15, 1998 (XXXI:15)

These "pseudo-traditionalists" are supposedly on the side of the
Traditional Mass Movement and yet, apparently to demonstrate total solidarity
with the Establishment, they continue to betray real traditional Catholics
everywhere. We must be wary of such "friends" -- they "prefer" the
Traditional Latin Mass, but a few of them would cut their own mother's throat
to prevent her from saying anything that might upset the Modernist
Establishment and jeopardize an "Indult" Mass or two.

How quickly the pseudo-traditionalists forget that, for decades
before the "Indult" Mass came along, traditional Catholics survived because
of the selflessness and courage of the "independent" priests who refused to
let the Mass die, and who also refused to abandon the laypeople who suffered
under the Novus Ordo regime. These "traveling priests" are heroes of the
movement, because they held the Catholic ground, all by themselves, long
before being "bi-ritual" became fashionable....

Today, however, I guess some "pseudo-traditionalists" would have us
report such independent priests to the "liturgy police" for committing
"crimes against Ecclesia Dei." We're really growing weary of this
attitude!... These "pseudo-traditionalists" behind the scenes ... are
behaving like snakes! The Church is suffering because of persecution today,
and yet our "brothers-in-arms" can think of nothing more constructive to do
than make petty war on their fellow traditional Catholics who are not quite
as conformist and politically correct as "they ought to be."

May God ... help us all to keep the True Faith, with or without our
bishops' permission.

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