Saturday, February 04, 2006

- A&E Responds to the RCADL Lawsuit with Motions to Dismiss

A&E has filed a motion to dismiss the case brought against them by the RCADL with claims that Walter Viola, its founder does not represent the Roman Catholic Church or its faithful and that this lawsuit is religious in nature and can not be heard by a Federal Court. Apparantly A&E never heard of the Scopes Trial. The RCADL is also taking the position that the RCADL needs approval by a majority of Catholics. If this is correct then so does the NAACP and the ADL who purport to represent the majority of African Amercians and American Jews.

In short their attempts to dismiss are weak but were expected. The response is due my February 26, 2006.

Walter Viola being an accountant and not an attorney is looking for support from the Catholic faithful who are attorneys and has not received any support to date.

Come on folks lets show some support for Walter!

Traditional Joe


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