Wednesday, February 22, 2006

- Fr. Hesse may he rest in peace

Father Gregory Hesse, RIP
Father Gregory Hesse died January 25. His death was brought on by complications due to diabetes, and he received last rites from a priest of the Society of St. Pius X.

Father Gregory Hesse, S.T.D., J.C.D. was ordained in 1981 in St. Peter's Basilica. He held doctorates in both Thomistic theology and Canon Law. From 1986-88 he served as Secretery to Cardinal Stickler at the Vatican. Since 1991, he worked in Austria, Germany and the United States giving lectures and producing theological articles that appeared in Catholic Family News, The Fatima Crusader and other journals.

He was a contributor to the book The Devil's Final Battle and appeared in the 2004 Fatima documentary Heaven's Key to Peace. An outspoken critic of Vatican II and the post-conciliar revolution, Father Hesse is remembered as a strong voice for the Latin Tridentine Mass and the Traditional Catholic Faith.

Please remember to pray for the soul of Father Hesse in your Masses, rosaries and prayers.

Requiescant in pace


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