Tuesday, March 21, 2006

- We Belong to Two Different Religions

SSPX Senior Bishop Richard Williamson
Told Newvatican Cardinal Hoyos in 2000:
"We Belong to Two Different Religions
It is the common "rap" that the only thing that separates the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) from Newchurch is some technical tittle about "full" communion. No, there is a deep chasm between the two -- and should be. The SSPX tries (though sometimes fails) to stand up for fully traditional Roman Catholicism, whereas Newchurch is another kind of beast, like the ancient satryr, a hybrid animal with a man's head and a goat's body.

Archbishop Lefebvre, the Society's founder, left no doubt about that. The archbishop was a straight-talker, unlike the Society's current leader, Fellay. Lefebvre openly said that "Conciliar Rome is no longer Catholic Rome," but "apostate" from the Roman Catholic Faith. Lefebvre was a St. Pius V, who took on the "Butcher" Queen, Elizabeth I, and the Mohammedan general Ali Pasha, to Fellay's Liberius, the "Prevaricating" pope.

It appears that at least one of the four bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre has been a straight-talker too. Bishop Richard Williamson, the senior SSPX bishop, has said that he and Newvatican officials "belong to two different religions." In his monthly newsletter, Williamson disclosed that he had made that observation as far back as August 2000 to Cardinal Hoyos, Newpope's "indult" puppet in his capacity as president of the Ecclesia Dei Commission. When Cardinal Hoyos replied that he and the SSPX leader shared a common faith in the Eucharist and the doctrines of the Catholic Church, Williamson retorted: "We do and we don't; mainly we don't. We do belong to two different religions.

The bishop continued: "If one mathematician believes that two and two can make four or five, while another believes they can only make four and nothing other than four, do they have the same arithmetic in their heads? Surely not! The arithmetic of the first mathematician may not exclude the truth, but what use is that if it excludes no error either? True arithmetic on the contrary excludes any and every error that is out of line with reality.

The Society should show a lot more of this kind of "tough love" toward Newchurch rather than pandering to it. The virtue of charity does not mean compromising the faith and tolerating error, but, as St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church's Principal Theologian, stated [IV Sententiarum]:

Some say that fraternal correction does not extend to the prelates either because man should not raise his voice against heaven, or because the prelates are easily scandalized if corrected by their subjects. However, this does not happen, since when they sin, the prelates do not represent heaven, and, therefore, must be corrected.
Catholic World News previously reported that Fellay has had to back off his earlier "collaborative" mentality with Newrome because SSPXers, having been alerted to the potential of a Fellay sellout first by the TRADITIO Network then by other sources, are now stating publicly that they will not follow Fellay into the New Order. "If we sign today," he disclosed, "not all of our faithful would follow us." The traditional wing of the SSPX, which CWN says is led by Bishop Richard Williamson, the SSPX's senior bishop, has indicated that it is likely to oppose any sellout to the New Order and that such a sellout would rip the Society in two.



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